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R & R Bicycle Firecracker Triathlon

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Race Information

Plan on making the R & R Bicycle Firecracker Triathlon part of your Fourth of July festivities. This is the second race of the Tucson Triathlon Series. The distances are 750 meter pool swim, 12.0 mile bike ride around the UA area, and 3.0 mile run through UA campus.

The R & R Bicycle Firecracker Triathlon is truly a family affair. The Youth Triathlon is a 250 meters (5 lengths of a 50 meter course) swim, a 4 mile bike and a 1 mile run. Most kids do the event in about 40 minutes. TRI places adult monitors throughout the course to help as necessary. Youth Entry Form

USA Triathlon rules apply. Other rules and updated course info will be in your packet.
This is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event. All competitors must be either an annual member or purchase a one day membership ($9, included in $52 Fentry fee)
Helmets must meet CPSC/Snell/ANSI safety standards. For more information click here. No floatation devices allowed, including wetsuits.


Course Details


In an effort to get everyone out of the heat as early as possible we are going to run the swim in the “serpentine” style. The pool will be set up Long Course (50 meters). Swimmers will be started one after the other at regular intervals in lane #1. Each swimmer will swim 2 lengths (up and back) in each of the first seven 50 meter lanes and 1 length in the 8th lane for a total of 750 meters. The swim is 750 meters in the University of Arizona Hillenbrand Pool.

It is very important that you provide an accurate swim time estimate in the space provided on your entry form . If you are not sure please time yourself before sending in your entry. Entries will not be accepted without an estimated time.”

The youth swim will follow a similar protocol over a 250 meter course.


The bike course is 12 miles on partially closed city streets.  You will complete 3 laps of south on Campbell(.7 miles), west on Broadway (1 mile) , north on Euclid (1 mile), east on Speedway (1 mile), south on Campbell (.3 miles).  These are all wide roads (4 lanes each, 2 have dividers) with the inside lane coned off from traffic.  Police officers are at all intersections controlling traffic for you.   This is a very flat course, with only slight, constant grades (Campbell and Broadway are slightly downhill, Euclid and Speedway are slightly uphill).  There are no lap counters here, we trust that your integrity will prevail and you will complete at least 3 laps (some have done 4 accidentally).  There are no aid stations on the bike course.

The youth bike course will be 1 lap (4 miles) around the same course.


The run is 3 miles, very flat, through University of Arizona campus.   See the map for details.  Water is available on the run (see map).

The Youth run is an “out-and-back” 1 mile course following the adult course for the first half mile to the turn around cone and then retracing the same route back to the finish line


Both transitions are in the same area, in the parking lot south of Hillenbrand Pool.  There are bike racks and volunteers to guide you through this area.  From the swim, you will enter the transition from the east end, and exit on your bike at the west end.  DO NOT get on your bike until out of the transition area.   From the bike, you will again enter from the east end, and again run out the west end.